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Story of the Creation vs Theory of Evolution

The Story of the Creation and the Theory of Evolution

The Story of the Creation and the Theory of Evolution are completely irreconcilable. The Bible says that when JHWH and His son decided to create Adam and Eve, they said to each other: “Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” They did not say: “Let us make man in the image of and according to the likeness of the animals.” Moreover, the Bible presents Adam and Eve as the first people who were created directly by JHWH and His son. The Bible leaves no room for the idea that there were people already on earth before the creation of Adam and Eve. The Bible also clearly rejects the idea that one kind of animal can evolve into another kind. The Bible says that every sort of animal has its own “flesh” and animals can only reproduce within their own kind with animals of the same “flesh”.

For that matter, there exist no other non-religious texts from antiquity that point to prehistoric ancestors.

Creation vs Theory of Evolution


On the other hand, the Bible asserts that people and animals have a lot in common. Both are called souls. They need blood to stay alive, as well as air and food. Both have a digestive system and both can reproduce. Moreover, people and animals die in the same way. The Bible says that human beings die in the same manner as animals.

But God has only endowed man with the capacity to wonder who created him and the world. Only man asks himself what the meaning of life is. Only man can make moral choices and do right or wrong. Only man can understand that there is a creator and accept or reject the authority of this creator. Only man possesses the reasoning power with which he can prove for himself that the world and he himself were created for a purpose. Only man can love God and appreciate His personality and work.

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